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First I didn't want to talk to anyone about my problems", he says, "then I slowly started opening up and they accepted everything.

—Efren, Hanna Alumnus

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Nestled in the heart of the peaceful Sonoma Valley, located one hour north of San Francisco, Hanna Boys Center has been providing a “haven of hope” for struggling young men since 1945. Serving troubled boys between the ages of 13 and 18, the center draws youngsters from as far away as Washington State and North Carolina, though most come from the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Named for Archbishop Edward J. Hanna, the center was founded by Monsignor William J. Flanagan and Father William L. O’Connor as part of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Originally conceived as a residential school for underprivileged youth, Hanna Boys Center now caters to at-risk boys with a variety of challenges.

With an average resident population of 100 boys, the Center nonetheless receives up to 600 inquiries each year and has strict guidelines for admission. Families are charged tuition based upon their financial situation. No boy is ever turned away for financial reasons.

Hanna Boys Center provides its students with full-time residential treatment and educational services along with health care, physical education, sports and recreational opportunities. The on-campus school is fully accredited, and some students also attend classes and sporting events at Sonoma Valley High School.

The boys live in homes spread across the 160-acre campus. Each house has a supervisor and live-in caregivers, providing a true home away from home for up to 12 youngsters. Meals are served in the campus-dining hall.

The program at HBC is guided by the core values of Faith, Education and Caring with emphasis in the following areas:

  • The School
  • Residential Care
  • Treatment/Counseling/Health Care
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Physical Education, Sports and Recreation
  • Nutrition

Archbishop Hanna High School at Hanna Boys Center includes Grades 8 through 12 and provides special resource classes for the students. Most classes have less than 8 students. A few classes have as many as 10 students, but this is the exception. The school has a staff which includes a principal and 14 full-time specially trained teachers.

Archbishop Hanna High School is fully accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA).

Boys are required to agree to stay two full school terms. The average length of stay is 18 months. A boy may stay longer if it is best for him to do so and many do.

HBC is located on 170 acres in rural Sonoma County. The program consists of 7 cottages for the younger boys (grades 8 through 12) and 3 group homes for the boys grades 10 through 12. In each cottage setting, there are private bedrooms (2 boys to a room), bathrooms, a living room, game room, study area, laundry room, and a kitchenette. For cottage residents, meals are served in the campus dining hall. The group homes include all the rooms offered in the cottages plus a kitchen and a dining room where boys prepare and enjoy their meals.

Each cottage or group home has 3 child care workers and 1 supervisor. Staff members work 3-1/2 day shifts and sleep in the cottage or group home. One of the program coordinators is either on campus or on call at all times to provide additional support to the boys as needed.

The food service program at HBC serves over 160,000 nutritionally balanced meals each year.

At any given time, HBC serves up to 119 boys ranging in age from 13 to 18 years. Most of these young boys come from eight Bay Area counties, however, we do admit a number of boys from southern California, as well as other states nationwide.

The majority of our boys come from the following Bay Area counties: Sonoma (31%), Alameda (11%), Contra Costa (11%), San Francisco (9%), Solano (6%), San Mateo (5%), Sacramento (4%), Napa (4%), Santa Clara (3%), Marin (3%), and other areas around the state and country (13%). Overall, Hanna has served boys and their families from 41 of the 58 counties in California—or 71% of the counties that comprise this state.

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