Hanna Boys Center since 1945

Mission Statement

Hanna Boys Center changes the lives of troubled, motivated youth through faith, education and caring, helping them grow into productive members of society.

Hanna is a "haven of hope" for troubled boys and their families. Our mission is to provide a "home away from home" for boys who are underprivileged, troubled, and seriously at-risk. We serve more than 100 boys at any given time, between ages 13 and 18, and we educate them in small classes from grades eight through twelve. Hanna believes that every boy deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, to be empowered to fulfill their maximum potential and become contributing members of society.

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I’ll always be thankful to Hanna Center for what it offered me both in school and in teaching me how to live life in general

—Roger Harrison



Students Rising Above: Nick Lyons

Students Rising Above: Tony Tovaraz