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Hanna is a multifaceted force for good in Sonoma County. On our campus, you’ll find Archbishop Hanna High School, Residential Counseling for Teens, and our community-focused Hanna Institute. And it’s all made possible thanks to a dedicated staff and our generous community of donors.

Archbishop Hanna High School

Our accredited on-site High School serves boys in grades 9 through 12 in a competency-based, trauma-informed, and culturally relevant academic environment. We meet each student at their level, from academics and education to an inclusive, supportive culture. And we address the effects of trauma and help students dream of a brighter future.

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Hanna Institute

The Hanna Institute is the community-focused arm of Hanna. Through educational workshops, summits, and speaker series, as well as a wide range of community partnerships, we’re educating our neighbors — and the nation — about trauma-informed care, and leading the cause to heal wounds and improve lives.

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Residential treatment

Our progressive, inclusive residential program encompasses dorm life, health and nutrition, and complete coverage counseling.
Students who choose the residential path encounter new opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed everywhere they turn.

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Hanna’s program is the heart and strength of who we are and why we’re here. It’s guided by our core values: nurturing the mind, the body and the spirit; transforming our boys from the trauma they have faced into productive, healthy, compassionate young men.


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