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History Timeline


Hanna Boys Center is founded as a home for the increasing numbers of wayward and abandoned youth following World War II by Monsignor William Flanagan and Father William O’Connor.


After years of fundraising and hard work, the first 25 students are welcomed to the 170+ acres that make up today’s Hanna Boy Center in Sonoma. The Sisters of St. Francis served as the teaching staff and lived on campus with the Fathers Flanagan and O’Connor.


The center begins to expand, building more dormitories to house more youth.


The Center continues to expand adding more classrooms, an auditorium, a wood shop, trade school, dentist office and an administration building.


The 1,000th boy enrolls at Hanna.


The first on-site group home opens as the age of Hanna’s students shifts to teenagers in grades 8-12.


Archbishop Hanna High school becomes accredited and the majority of students shift from attending off-site local high schools to the on-site campus.


The final group home is built, topping out the capacity of the Hanna Boys Center residential capacity at 107 full time students.

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Major investment for Hanna and the surrounding community includes the building of new multi-use sporting fields, an auditorium and a new Alumni/ Admissions Center.

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Hanna Institute is launched.