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Our Board

Chairman Of Board

Dan Young

Chair, Board of Trustees

Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer – Quantum Capital Management.

Board of Trustees

Noma Martini

Chair, Governance Committee/Secretary

Chris Sanders

Member at Large

Therese Nugent

Chair, Youth Services Committee

Dennis Dow

Member at Large

Darrell Jobe

Member at Large

Founder, Vericool, Inc

Cameron Safarloo

Special Permanent Seat - CEO

Hanna Boys Center

William Conley

Mary Corroon

Chair, Development Committee

Joshua McFerron

Chair, Audit Committee

Sr. Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Randall DeVoto

Vice Chair/Chair, Buildings & Grounds Committee

Principal, CSDA Design Group

Dan Young

Chair, Board of Trustees

Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer – Quantum Capital Management.

Sarah Whitelaw

Chair, Investment Committee

Managing Director, Hall Capital Partners, LLC

Bishop Robert Vasa

Special Permanent Seat - Bishop

Bishop, Diocese of Santa Rosa

Board of Regents

Matthew Smyth

Buildings And Grounds Committee

David Schofield

Investment Sub-Committee

Bret Sackett

Youth Services Committee

Patrick Hemingway

Buildings And Ground Committee

Jenarro Toback

Buildings & Grounds Committee

David Poe

Finance/Investment Committees

James R. Woolwine

Finance Committee

Patrick Woods

Development Committee

Michael W. Wingard

Audit/Finance Committee

Brenda Walker

Youth Services Committee

Marc Traverso

Investment Sub-Committee

Kathleen Snodgrass

Investment Sub-Committee

Edward E. Sillari

Jack Powers

Youth Services Committee

Mary Jo Potter

Governance/ Committees

Thomas M. Perkins

Michele Paul


Maryanne Murray


Robert McGrath

Greg Labagh

Audit/Finance/Gov/SP Committees

William G. Isetta

John E. Fox


Patrick M. Flanagan


Robert R. Figone

Youth Services Committee

Frank Conway

Governance Committee

Jack Boland

Development Committee

Jack Bertges

Audit/Finance/Dev/Gov Committees

Mike Battaini

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Walter Linares

Youth Services Committee

Marketing Specialist, T-Mobile US, Inc

Joseph Crivello

Youth Services Committee

Retired Principal, S.F. Unified School District

Charles M. Corsiglia

Youth Services Committee

Retired Senior Director, Richmond District After-School Collaborative

Jennifer Heafey

Governance Committee

Manager - Alumni Events & Programming, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate

Tullus Miller

Partner, Moss Adams

Regents Emeritus

Thomas E. Bertelsen, Jr.

Robert B. Wilhelm

Most Rev. Daniel F. Walsh, D.D.

James Talton Turner III

Robert E. Simms

Caroline Clarkson Simmons

Angelo C. Sangiacomo

Richard L. Robinson

Rev. Msgr. James E. Pulskamp

Joanne Murphy

Donald A. McPhail

William H. McInerney, Jr.

Albert A. Maggini

Annette E. Lomont

Thomas J. Lohwasser

Daniel Libarle

Joan G. Latno

Jack Fitzpatrick

Terence A. De Voto

Thomas M. Chin

Sr. Linda Ann Cahill, D.C.

L. Wayne Batmale

Bill Schrader


Board Members

Hanna Boys Center is governed by an all-volunteer board, which is separated into trustees, regents and regents emeritus.

The Board of Trustees are the voting members of the corporation and have fiduciary responsibility for Hanna.

The Board of Regents serves as an advisory body to the staff and Board of Trustees.

Longtime board members whose actions and wisdom have brought Hanna to our current successful position—such as past board chairs, “life members” or others who have had a special relationship with Hanna over the years—are honored with the title of Hanna Regents Emeritus in recognition of their service.

We seek new board members annually to ensure a fresh and varied flow of new ideas, insights and expertise.