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A typical boy applying to Hanna has experienced difficulties at home, fallen behind in school for various reasons, experienced trauma in his childhood and struggled with interpersonal relationships. These experiences have created strained family dynamics, as well as academic and social relationship issues. Many of our boys come from underserved, and impoverished communities and are from the Bay Area.

What sets Hanna Boys Center apart from other treatment facilities like it are two key ingredients that are critical to the boy’s success
1) his own personal motivation and
2) his family’s willingness to work with him and our staff.

Boys who choose to attend Hanna MUST show a level of desire, motivation, and resilience in order to put forth their best effort in making positive changes in their lives.

Families are also required to have a high level of involvement in their child’s placement, including attending parenting groups, family therapy sessions and allowing home visits. Boys must agree to stay one full school year. The average length of stay is 18 months; however a boy may stay longer if it is best for him to do so.

Who is a Hanna Boy?

He is:

  • 13 to 18 years old
  • in the 9th to 12th grade

We generally serve motivated boys who have:

  • ADHD/ADD and other learning disabilities
  • Oppositional defiant behaviors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Other mood related diagnosis including bipolar disorder
  • Anger and frustration management difficulties
  • Motivation to leave gang associations behind

We are generally not well suited for boys with:

  • Developmental and physical disabilities requiring special accommodations; those unable to
    function in a regular classroom setting
  • Most spectrum disorder diagnosis
  • Severe emotional or mental health diagnosis
  • Sexually predatory or sexually reactive behaviors
  • Chronic assaultive histories i.e. extensive gang history
  • Substance abuse issues currently in need of detox
  • Fire-setting history
  • Chronic runaway behavior from previous placements
  • Boys who have less than 150 school credits at age 18, and are starting the school year
  • Children who present a danger to themselves or others
  • Children who are in need of intensive supervision

All the boys who come to Hanna are placed directly by themselves, their families or their guardians, not by probation or social welfare departments. This gives Hanna staff the flexibility to respond to cases of critical need.

Next Steps

If you believe this sounds like you or a boy you know, here are the next steps.

1. Come for a tour. Tours in English and Spanish are on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. To RSVP for the tour, or if for any reason you can’t make the tour, please contact the main office or email us at admissions@hannacenter.org.
2. Complete the Interest Form (click the button below). Fill out the preliminary information form with all information and you’ll be contacted by our admissions coordinator who will get back to you with more information and help you determine if you can begin the Application process.

    Boys outside of California cannot be considered at this time

    Boys Under 12 and 18 and over cannot be considered at this time