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Work Here Events Alumni Hotane

Custom Built Outdoor Furniture for Sale

Made by Hanna Students

As part of our vocational learning program at Hanna our wood shop students have embarked on a project that teaches important life skills – basic carpentry – math – patience – cooperation – and business skills. Our talented students work with Mr. Snowden, who has been our Hanna woodshop teacher for years, to make high quality wood outdoor furniture that is for sale.

They learn to use tools safely and to trust themselves in the process. “The skills they’re learning fall between carpentry and basic house construction, and for some of our students this is the perfect stepping stone towards a career in the trades.”

The proceeds from each sale are given to the young man who made the product. If you are interested in any of the following products please reach out.

All sales enquiries can be made to: kexner@hanncenter.org

Custom pieces and orders can be accommodated.


Three Seater Bench (6 feet long) – $375

Two Seater Bench (4 feet long) – $250

Single Seater Chair (3 feet long) – $175

Wood Side Table – $75

Coffee Table:

  • Large (4 feet long) – $220
  • Medium  (3 feet long) – $150
  • Small (2 foot side table) – $130

*Please note that the prices are based on the cost of materials and are subject to change