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VP Finance & Operations

 Job Description Hanna Boys Center 

Job Title: VP: Finance & Operations 

Department: Hanna Boys Center 

Supervisor: CEO 

Status: Exempt 


The VP: Finance & Operations will provide leadership and strategic vision to Hanna. This role will manage, maintain, and secure all physical facilities, buildings, grounds and support systems, financial budgeting and accounting controls and reporting. This is a vital leadership role that will drive results, spur growth, and increase the overall efficiency of the corporation with the Operations department. This position will work closely with the CEO and Board of Directors. This position will also ensure that the organizations infrastructure is strong, and finances are transparent. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Campus wide) 


  • Oversee, support, and hold accountable finance department with dynamic leadership that creates an environment of trust and productivity. 
  • Provide assessment of finance department to assure a streamlined, qualified, and smart work structure. 
  • Establish strong working relationships with CEO, BOD, colleagues, and direct reports, including finance and audit committee. 
  • Collaborate with CEO and development team in building streams of contributed and earned income to fund building improvements and campus grounds. 
  • Support the preparation of comprehensive financial updates to senior management. 
  • Ensure compliance on an organizational, state, and federal level. 
  • Drive sustainable growth and minimize losses. 
  • Ensure company financial systems are secure and running smoothly. 
  • Oversee implementation projects as needed. 
  • Guide financial decisions by applying company policies and procedures to current economic landscape 
  • Develop, implement, and maintain financial controls and guidelines to maximize protection of company assets. 
  • Achieve budgeting goals with proper scheduling, analysis, and corrective action. 
  • Maximize payroll efficiency through innovative process development 
  • Help develop and support short and long-term operational strategies. 
  • Oversee daily and monthly general ledger close responsibilities. 
  • Manage and monitor all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems ensuring compliance with appropriate GAAP standards and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements of private contributions, loans, and government contracts 
  • Maintain internal control safeguards for the receipt of revenue, costs and both team and organizational budgets and actual expenditures 
  • Establish financial and operating benchmarks, budgets, program monitoring, and reporting standards on a bi-weekly, monthly, and annual basis 
  • Implement consistent accounting policies, practices, and procedures across all programs, upholding federal, state, and local legal standards by remaining knowledgeable about existing, new, and future legislation 
  • Partner with Executive team to create, grow and build an industry leading non-profit organization. 
  • Drive company results from an operational and financial perspective, by working closely with Leadership. 
  • Set challenging and realistic goals to promote growth, performance, and profitability. 
  • Create effective measurement tools to gauge the efficiency and end effectiveness of internal processes. 
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting to the CEO and Board as requested. 
  • Partner in the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes. 
  • Forge and maintain strategic partnerships and relationships with vendors, donors, clients, banks, including internal departments. 
  • Foster a positive environment while keeping Finance staff accountable to company policies and procedures. 


  • Collaborate with CEO and development team in building streams of contributed and earned income to fund building improvements and campus grounds. 
  • Oversee and manage and hold accountable direct facilities staff, including vendors and consultants. 
  • Oversee and manage Campus security, campus, and grounds as well as Hanna property. Maintain a campus environment that is safe for all residents and users throughout day and night. 
  • Oversee, manage, and develop facility projects related to new programs. 
  • Oversee, manage, and maintain campus grounds, buildings, mechanical systems (HVAC, electrical, water/plumbing). Provide day to day oversite of all vendor relations and contractor relationships. 
  • Actively support the development function in capital fundraising campaigns, including through direct solicitations and grant requests. 
  • Identify opportunities to use the campus to develop earned income streams in ways to increase community connection and support, generate goodwill, advance efforts to raise contributed revenue for the facilities which are consistent with Hanna’s mission/vision. 
  • Foster a positive environment while keeping Facility staff accountable to company policies and procedures. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Requirements: 

  • Ability to manage multiple competing deadlines in a fast-paced and supportive environment. 
  • Proven managerial, problem-solving, and planning capabilities and significant financial administrative and day to day operating responsibility with a facilities intensive business or nonprofit organization. 
  • Deep understanding of the finances and mechanics of managing a campus operation undergoing significant transformation would be useful, faculty and comfort with technology; knowledge and experience with project accounting and other financial accounting and reporting systems is highly desirable. 
  • A mature level of judgement and decision making in a changing, forward-thinking operating and customer service environment; exercises tact, skill and diplomacy when engaging negotiations with colleagues, other entities, officials, contractors, and employees. Must have a strong focus on cost and using funds effectively to advance youth; formulates and expresses ideas concisely, clearly, and effectively. Both orally and in writing; the ability to guide and counsel colleagues, partners, employees, and others. 
  • Ability to analyze the attributes, professional competencies, and networks of the two Boards specifically in relation to the contribution of individual members to: financial oversight, facilities improvements, contributed/earned revenue development for capital improvements, generating community goodwill that translates into financial and other kids of support. 
  • Demonstrated ability to forge mutually respectful and effective relationships with a diverse group of personalities in a collegial and cooperative manner, including staff members at all levels, members of the Board, volunteers, staff, supporters, auditors, accrediting orgs, government officials, vendors. etc. 
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, including the means to address issues in a non-confrontational and non-polarizing ways. Have the presence and credibility to serve as an effective spokesperson, especially in operational and financial matters. 
  • Teambuilder and mentor, who is straightforward, flexible, shares information easily, listens as well as gives advice and respects the abilities of others; someone who projects trustworthiness, integrity and solidity and guides others in a similar vein; the ability to coach others. 
  • Results oriented, adept at seeing the big p[picture, planning, prioritizing, organizing, and follow through; a hard worker with high energy level; emotionally mature with a sense of humor and ability to maintain balance and perspective. 
  • Experience in budgeting, financial audits.  Ability to attend in-person scheduled meetings consistently and timely. 
  • Demonstrate willingness to continue to learn, grow and develop personally and professionally. 
  • 5-10 years of executive level non-profit operational experience preferred. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field. Master’s degree preferred 

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