THANK YOU 2016 ANNUAL REPORT  |  23 22  |  HANNA BOYS CENTER Maxine Foraci Julie A. Ford John and Donna Fore Mr. Larry Franzella* Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fry* Judith L. Gabriel Ms. Helene M. Gann* Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ganze Mr. Alfred M. Garcia* Mrs. Kathryn Gemello* Geo’s Pool Spa and Solar Company Mrs. Margaret L. Giesin* Clark G. Gleason* Thomas J. Glynn Mr. and Mrs. John Glynn Jr.* Mr. Werner H. Goese* Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goode* Donnie and Karen Goodman Mr. Jack M. Gookin* Mrs. Lucille A. Granger* Ryan and Robin Granko Mr. John D. Griffin* Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Grigsby Ms. Doris A. Grimley* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Grimm* Dee D. Guerra Deanna and Peter Gumina Mr. and Mrs. Al A. Gunn Jr.* Kathleen A. Haas Mr. John J. Hagan* Tahira Hamdani Handpiece Express Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hanley Mr. Thomas W. Hannan* Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Hardoy James J. Hartnett Jr. Joan E. Hax Doug and Meaghan Hengehold Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herr* Frank and Phyllis Herring Mr. James Heslin Mr. and Mrs. George Heuga* Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Hewlett* HFC Inc Matt Hoskins Donald M. Hughes Mr. Campbell M. Hunter* Mrs. Freddie F. Hurt Innovative Business Solutions Susan M. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Jones* Clarice A. Kemp Thelma and John Kirkwood Michael Kizer Hal Koch Christa J. Korp* Mr. David E. Kostuik* Judge and Dr. Richard A. Kramer Mrs. Mary Krebs Antionette Kuhry and Thomas Haeuser* Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kypreos* Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Lance Mrs. Dorothy Landucci* Mrs. Maureen A. Lane* George and Laurajean Rick Ms. Anna Lazzarini Mr. Malcolm D. Lee Maryon Davies Lewis Walter and Monica Linares Ronald Logsdon Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lohwasser* Mike Loscavio Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Lowe Diane M. Luders Shirley Y. Lynch* Joseph and Christine Machado Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Madrigrano Tony Maglio Mr. Dave Magnasco Patrick Mahoney Victoria R. Maro Dr. Michael E. Martin Ms. Janet A. Martin Mrs. Joyce E. Massucco* Jill H. Matichak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McAllister Mr. Reubin J. McAlpine* Jackie L. McCoy Michael J. McDevitt Mrs. Catherine I. McGowan* MDVIP Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mein* Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Mendence* Gary and Stephanie Mickelson Michael and Carolyn Mickelson John M. Mitchell John Mona Susan M. Mooney Annie L. Moore Ms. Virginia Murillo* Mr. and Mrs. John Murray Mr. Olaf K. Myklebust* Nave Enterprises* David and Rosanne Neagle Sonia Neves Tami Nguyen Nick’s Restaurant* Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Norman Edward Norman* North Bay Corvette Association Mark O’Brien Mr. William L. Olds Jr.* Ms. Diane Ongaro* Bernard and Sandra Orsi* Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Pagter* Mrs. Shirley M. Paul Mrs. Patricia F. Paule* Paula C. Pearce* Ben and Rosemarie Pedranzini Val P. Peline Scott B. Pelton Bart Penfold Mr. Charles Perrell and Beth Guillaumin, M.D. Patricia Perry Jeffrey Petersen, D.D.S. and Susan Petersen, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pettipas* Mr. Richard M. Planka* Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brad Poling Mr. Merton F. Preston* Prime Electrical Services Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Pringle John H. Prinster Mr. and Mrs. John P. Quinn* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Rader* Mr. Norman S. Rapp* Jean Reed* Dr. Linda M. Reilly Renaissance Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Riebli Ms. Mary A. Roa Mr. William D. Roache Bonnie Roberts* Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rose* Aurelien Roulin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Rudder* Joseph Ruffino Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sadler Allen and Esther Sakamoto San FranStitchco Tito and Janet Sasaki Carolyn F. Scherini Mr. and Mrs. William M. Schwarz Jason Seidell Toni Seixas Mrs. Yolanda J. Selmeczki Richard and Mary Ann Shafer Mrs. Irene P. Shelchuk* Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Sherman Howard and Antoinette Shirley Roberta and Anthony Shomon Mr. Robert L. Sideroff* Mrs. Mary Sims Mark and Jane Singleton Mrs. Thelma L. Smith Ruth H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William E. Smith* Patricia A. Smith* Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Smith* Jacqueline and James Smith* Mrs. Sigrid W. Snider Fred and Doreen Solomon Kenneth and Rosanna Souza Donald F Specht* St. John Bosco Council #613 YMI St. Sebastian Catholic Church Bake Sale Gary Stang Sarah C. Steinbreder Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stringham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan* Mr. and Mrs. John J. Susa* Benny R. Tabar Ms. Marlene J. Talbott* Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tatro Mrs. Mary C. Taylor* The Greystone Group LLC Pearl Tidd Frank and Jeannette Tomany Sally Ann Tomlinson Rita M. Tornatore* Mr. Leonard A. Travers Diane A. Trembley Col. and Mrs. Charles S. Tubbs* Michael S. Turrini* Mrs. Jacklyn Van Metre* Karen J. Vesely Adria J. Walsh Ms. Sue Ann M. Walsh* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Welsh Mr. John M. Wernli* Mr. Fred E. Weybret* Loren and Carol Wicklund Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Willmarth Victoria Willock Benson and Bernadine Wong Kenneth K. Yano Daniel C. Young CFP, CFE Mr. and Mrs. William Young* Mrs. Joann M. Zlatunich $250 TO $499 continued from previous page $500 TO $999 Dave and Teresa Martinelli Leo and Mary Martinez* Mr. Richard C. Maurer* Michael and Alison Mauze Andrew and Alison Mazzanti Martin and Nancy Mazzanti* Mrs. Patricia Mazzini* Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McCapes* Mr. and Mrs. Cameron McClintock* Mr. and Mrs. Les R. Melghem* Joanne Meroney Ronald J. Mezzetta Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mignacco-Dutil Mrs. Thurldean K. Mitchell Mitchell Family Foundation Inc. Steven and Christina Molak Robin L. Moran* Peter Morway MTC Property Management Vickie Mulas Mr. Leo P. Mullin* Murphy, Burr and Curry Mr. Mark A. Nance* Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Nightengale Robert and Mary Nowak Doreen O’Rourke Steven A. Sanders Sangiacomo Vineyards David G. Santos-Cucalon Santos-Cucalon Ins Agency Carol A. Saylor Andrea Schultz Donna R. Seabrooks, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sheela* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silverie III* Jane Sims Mr. and Mrs. Scott Singer Therese A. Slepnikoff Harold W. Smith Joyce Jekot Smith* Chris Solberg and Lydia Lee Sonoma County Farm Bureau Spurgeon Painting, Inc. Whitney Stanier and Sanders Ergas Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Stark* Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Stolp* Prescott and Susan Stone Mr. and Mrs. Terrance T. Stretch Michael and Dorothy Stuart Superior Supplies, Inc. Teamsters Local Union # 665 The Benevity Community Impact Fund Jenarro Toback Sean and Michele Tobin Maria P. Toimil Mr. Robert F. Traut* Daniel J. Tynan Mrs. Betty J. Udaloff* Elizabeth C. Ungrodt Anne Louise Van Hoomissen* Reino I. Wantin Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ward* Bob and Nancy Weber Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund Thomas H. Werdel Jr. Joan E. Wieland Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wildes* Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wilhelm* Vicki and Emory Winship Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Wolff* Michael R. Woods Barbara T. Wornum Wright and Gervais Accountants, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Burrell L. Wyle* Mrs. Hannah Wynne Mr. and Mrs. Mike Yankovich Mr. and Mrs. Zdenek Zahradnicek Mr. Thomas G. Zimmerman Frank A. Olson Mrs. Gloria Opperman* Mr. James L. Parker* Robert and Amy Perille Edward and Arlene Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Pier Mr. Donald Pursglove* Michael Quinn William Ramirez and Dolores Gater* Dereck Rascon Jim Reichardt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Remley* Peter and Joyce Repole Mr. Edward A. Richard William G. Robinson Ubaldo Rodriguez and Krista Lotto Elma L. Roesch Mr. Kent M. Roger* James and Sharon Rose Mrs. Dolores S. Rosier Donna and Joseph Rubin Ms. Charlie F. Ruff Mr. Archibald D. Russell Sally D. Ryan Mr. George P. Sabatte Jr.* Marilyn E. Sander continued from previous page Mrs. Mitzi S. Aguirre Alta Mesa Improvement Co.* Mary Amerata Sylvia Andreis Robert H. Antonelli Christopher Antonio Anna R. Antoniucci Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Archambeau* Dr. Nina K. Auerbach Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Bailey Jeanette Barekman Richard and Marcia Barsotti John and Holly Bast Henry W. Beaumont Mr. Donald J. Beck* Mrs. Lillian O. Bellagio Col. and Mrs. Richard W. Bergson, USA Ret. Jane V.R. Bernasconi Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bertini* California Community Foundation Endowment Account Mariella Callahan* Louise Camilleri Mr. and Mrs. William Cancilla Mr. William L. Cappiello Phillip and Kathy Carlson Jim and Patricia Carr Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carr* Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Cassidy Mr. Albert R. Ceresa Mr. and Mrs. John F. Chiozza* Dolores Smithem Cicholas Mr. and Mrs. David R. Claeys* Mr. James S. Clover Mr. Dean E. Colarchik* Steve Cornell Paula M. Cornyn William W. Craven Gary Cristofani Dolores M. Daher Mr. Lawrence Darling* Mrs. Leonore R. Daschbach Mr. Gregory B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Serge De La Porte Donna M. De Santis-Buoymaster Paul R. Dean Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deignan Marie Delany* Miss Georgette A. Delclaux* Martin and Lara Detels Mr. Anthony V. DiMaggio* Peter J. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dolan* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Domeno* Frank R. Dowell Mr. John S. Dresser* English Country Pine and Design Whitney and Jeanette Evans Miss Rita Fabri* Mr. Joseph Fernandes* Patrick and Catriona Flanagan Kathryn M. Besio* Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Besse* Daniel and Moira Bessette John Joseph Bleiman* Steve Blumm James and Carol Bly Lynda Bogart* Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boland Paula Bordner Paulette A. Borg Richard Borgman and Saskia Jans Thomas and Jane Borton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Botta* Eileen K. Boyd Mr. Christopher Boyle Paul Brady Mr. Alfred J. Brandi* Mr. and Mrs. William H. Broach* Mrs. Gail F. Brown* Mrs. Lillian E. Buckley* Colleen M. Cahill $250 TO $499 * Supported Hanna for 20 years or longer