Equity, criminal justice and overcoming adversity were just a few of the themes surfaced by the Honorable Troy L. Nunley of the Eastern District of California at Hanna Institute’s Professional Breakfast Series. Attorneys, prosecutors, judges, educators and child care professionals gathered to participate in the lively discussion. Judge Nunley shared his views as a staunch advocate for children—especially the most vulnerable—as well as his rich personal experience from his judicial role. He also shared insights about his personal upbringing, growing up with a single mother in the Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco. Ultimately, Judge Nunley rose to one of the highest positions in American law. “Providing a platform for the community to network and discuss key social issues is a critical role for the Hanna Institute,” says Mary Kelly Persyn, director of the Hanna Institute. Along with other professionals—from the courts, health systems, schools, churches, community organizations and more—we can improve the outcomes for young people who have faced early adversity. We are honored to provide this kind of value to our neighbors and partners.” At Hanna’s next 2017 Professional Network Breakfast Series on December 14, we will discuss diversity in technology and digital media with Villy Wang, CEO and founder of BAYCAT in San Francisco. Hanna Institute’s mission is to build resilience through trauma-informed practices utilizing a wide range of activities, collaborating with other youth- serving organizations through community forums, in-depth training and on-site support services.  ■ HANNA INSTITUTE: DEDICATED TO BUILDING COMMUNITY WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL BREAKFAST SERIES At Hanna Institute’s latest event, Judge Troy L. Nunley, from his unique vantage point in one of America’s highest courts, highlighted issues he’s seen first-hand about the role childhood adversity and trauma plays in the incarceration and treatment of juvenile and young adult offenders. BACK TO SCHOOL