FATHER GREG JOINS HANNA THE HAWK TURNING HURT INTO HOPE FALL 2017 Hanna Boys Center recently welcomed Father Gregory McGivern as its new resident chaplain. We sat down to hear about his background, experience and role as a spiritual leader to Hanna’s boys and staff. How long have you been a priest, and where have you served? McGivern: I was born in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, where I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Dromore on June 16, 1985. I earned master’s degrees in both theology and counseling psychology. I have worked in different parishes in the Diocese of San Jose and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. My last appointment was Mercy High School, where I served for the last 11 years. My areas of responsibility included school chaplain and counselor, as well as head of the counseling department. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California, a certified spiritual director and a pastoral counselor with a special interest in the intersection of psychology and spirituality and their important roles in mental well-being and recovery. I also worked with victims of violence during the Troubles in Northern Ireland through pastoral outreach and care. What excites you about the opportunity at Hanna? McGivern: I am very excited to join a community of people who value and celebrate faith, education and care as the core values in their support of Hanna boys. This respect and dignity for the boys at Hanna were very much in evidence during my early visits to campus. I was moved and impressed by the love, care and commitment by all the staff in their outreach and support of these young men. The caliber, determination and resilience of the young men with whom I had the opportunity to interact was likewise truly inspirational in their quest to turn their lives around and plan for a better future. I have tremendous gratitude, as well as excitement, to be part of a professional, supportive and caring community where “Turning Hurt to Hope” are not just words, but a living reality. Continued on back cover Continued on inside FROM THE DESK OF OUR CEO, BRIAN Faith. Education. Caring. These three pillars have been the hallmarks of the “Hanna Way” for seven decades, and they continue to underpin and direct our work today. But many people wonder specifically how they fit together to help boys turn their lives around. Let me share a few insights on just how this works. First, faith. Hanna was founded in 1945 by two priests, under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, and its entire culture is built on strong Christian values. Yet today our boys come from a variety of faith traditions (only about a third come from Catholic households) or none at all. Our goal is to instill in our boys a useful spirituality—a practical sense of faith, identity and community that will serve and guide them. One they can use today, but also one they can build upon as they mature. Second, education. Because of what has happened to them before coming to Hanna, most of our boys arrive with unfavorable academic experiences. Many have either failed in or been kicked out of school, often multiple times. But Archbishop Hanna High School is different. Our teachers are specially trained to work with kids from these backgrounds.