“Each year, we celebrate the people who are most important to us — our boys, our alumni, our staff, our volunteers and our supporters,” said Brian Farragher, executive director of Hanna Boys Center. “This type of support is crucial in changing the lives of the youth we serve.” The event was held on Hanna’s beautiful campus and included Broadway-style entertainment by Transcendence Theatre Company, a cocktail reception, dinner, silent TOGETHER, THE PLACES WE WILL GO! Sonoma’s philanthropic community gathered on April 22 for Hanna’s 11th Annual Evening with the All-Stars. This Seussical-themed event was attended by more than 350 people and raised nearly $350,000 — which brings us to more than $3.5 million raised since the event’s inception in 2006. That if they work at something, they will succeed. That there are people who care for and love them. That they matter. That’s what Hanna does. It takes kids who have been abused, neglected, betrayed, forgotten and marginalized, and transforms their lives and how they see themselves. When they leave our campus, they can identify — often for the first time — with a radical new self-image: whole, upright, free, capable, valuable, wanted. In short, somebody. Please know that every day — and particularly on June 2 — all of us here at Hanna remember that it is your support that makes this possible. That enables motivated, promising boys to come to Hanna, change their lives and venture forth as functioning, caring and vibrant young men. As somebody. For that, and for all you do for Hanna, we can’t thank you enough. God bless you. Continued from front page FROM THE DESK OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Performances by Transcendence Theatre Company were a hit with over 350 guests. Bill Sullivan, a Gold Sponsor, enjoyed the evening entertainment. Jennifer Heafey, Regent Board Chair, and guests raised their paddles high during our exciting live auction. Continued