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Stocks & Securities

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Why donate stocks to Hanna Boys Center?

Transferring stocks to Hanna is an excellent way to support its mission of serving the needs of youth:

  • Reduce your tax burden: You’ll receive a tax deduction for your charitable gift based on the value of the securities at the time of the contribution.
  • Avoid paying capital gains: Instead of selling stocks in the open market, you can transfer them to Hanna and avoid paying capital gains on the appreciated value.
  • Increase the value of a gift by more than 20%: Donating stock can provide a tax advantage beyond what you would receive if you sold the stock and made a cash donation.
  • Optimize your portfolio with a “health check”: If a review of your stock gains and losses shows that it might be time to rebalance for risk or performance reasons, that’s a time you can do so in a charitable way! Talk to your financial advisor about which assets to put to better use.

How easy is it?

Very. Some people don’t want to donate stock because they don’t know where to start and think it will require a lot of paperwork and phone calls. Hanna Boys Center will help you!

What do I do first?

Contact us: To help you make the transfer and properly acknowledge your gift, please contact Dennis Crandall, Major Gifts Coordinator, at dcrandall@hannacenter.org or (707) 933-2572.

Dates are important: Donations of stock must be complete by December 31 (end of calendar year) to be eligible for charitable tax treatment. It is best to initiate your transactions as early as possible.