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Where Hanna Boys Come From

49% Sonoma County

9% Alameda County

8% Solano County

5% Contra Costa County

5% Sacramento County

4% Napa County

3% Marin County

3% San Francisco County

2% Los Angeles County

2% San Joaquin County

7% Other California Counties

3% Outside California

Other Notable Statistics

100+ Boys living at Hanna at any given time

65 Boys joined the Hanna family last year

4,096 Boys and their families served by Hanna since 1945

198 Applications requested in 2016

6:1 Ratio of students to child care professionals in Hanna residences

7:1 Ratio of students to teachers in Hanna classrooms

175 Alumni in touch with Hanna Follow On in 2016 with an average of 3 contacts each

26 Hanna alumni currently serving in the U.S Armed Forces

1,000+ Youth-serving professionals trained