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Health & Nutrition

healthcare for at risk boys

Health Center

We provide a thorough medical and dental evaluation for each boy upon enrollment. 

Our Health Center is used when students are sick or not feeling well. They can visit a nurse on campus who can evaluate them to determine if rest is needed or if they need to see a doctor or proceed to a Health Clinic.

The Health Center also helps coordinate any prescription medications for youth with their doctors and youth counselors and caseworkers.

Also important, our on-campus Dental Clinic is staffed by a registered dental assistant and is heavily supported by a large network or volunteer dental professionals and dentists all providing a full range of no-cost dental services.

Many of the boys who come to Hanna have never had routine health exams or had their teeth professionally cleaned and examined. Boys can also have the opportunity to receive orthodontics and free braces to straighten their teeth. After years of neglect, receiving proper dental treatment can be a transformational experience.


Hanna Boys Center provides exceptional food and beverage service for all students, staff and administrative support through Epicurean, our on campus provider.  
Epicurean delivers enjoyable, healthy dining environment for our students with nutritious and innovative menus and a student-focused approach that drives high satisfaction.

  • A wide variety of fruits and vegetables each day of the week
  • Increased entree choices, geared to student age level and feedback
  • Different menu options on each day of the monthly menu cycle, without repetition
  • Creating recipes that focus on “right-size” portions and socially responsible food selections
  • Reducing added sugars by limiting the use of added sugars in cooking
  • Reducing or eliminating fats in recipes
  • High variety of selections: Main course, salad bar, appetizer, soup options and more