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Our programs for troubled teens is the heart and strength of who we are and why we’re here. It’s guided by our core values: nurturing the mind, the body and the spirit; transforming our boys into productive, healthy, compassionate young men.

Most of the boys enrolled here at Hanna have had long histories of adversity in their lives. We believe the key to recovery from these experiences is to build resilience. Our troubled youth programs are designed to help boys develop strong, trusting relationships with caring adults, and to gain a sense of stability and consistency in their lives, while helping them find ways to improve their relationship building skills.

Unlike other residential treatment centers, all boys who attend Hanna must apply for admission themselves by writing a letter, with support of their parents or their guardians. Hanna does not depend upon referrals from third-party sources such as probation offices or child welfare services.

Once enrolled, we provide our boys with full-time residential treatment and educational services along with health care, physical education, sports, vocational and recreational opportunities. The boys live in cottages and group homes spread across the 170-acre campus. Each residence has a coordinator and live-in youth counselors, providing a true home-away-from-home experience. Meals are served in the campus dining room.

Each boy is assigned a counselor—a trained and certified therapist—who helps provide individual counseling in addition to family and group counseling for each boy.

The program comprises of the following:

  • Education
  • Residential care
  • Counseling
  • Health care
  • Faith and spiritual care
  • Physical education
  • Nutrition
  • Follow-on programs

Archbishop Hanna High School, our accredited on-site Catholic High School, includes grades 8 through 12 and provides special resource classes for our students. Classes are small, averaging 8 to 10 students. The school is staffed by a principal and full-time specially-trained teachers.

Academic Programs

Not every boy’s educational needs are the same. That’s why instruction at Archbishop Hanna High School is based on each boy’s special needs. Careful consideration is given to how each boy learns. And no student is left behind. With our competency based education approach students advance based on their ability to master skills at their own pace.

Academic Advising

Our academic advisor meets with every student and completes a school success plan, which includes high school graduation, career, work and college planning, as well as academic goals for the current school year.


Our Agriculture Department helps boys learn leadership skills, and practical applications of science, technology, ranch management, sustainability, resource cultivation, environmental protection and conservation.

Faith & Spiritual Care

The campus ministry provides many opportunities for boys to develop faith through appropriate and meaningful experiences.

Vocational Studies

We offer a multifaceted vocational program that features intensive offerings in woodworking, carpentry, welding, electrical work, and plumbing.

Sports & Recreation

Success in sports creates experiences self-worth and self-confidence.  The physical education and recreation staff provide a comprehensive curriculum focusing on improvement in coordination, speed, strength, flexibility, health, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Outdoor Education

The outdoor education program affords our boys the unique opportunity to experience the wilderness under the supervision of highly trained professionals.