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Faith & Spiritual Care

program for at risk teens

The mission of Hanna Boys Center is rooted in the gospel values of the Catholic tradition in which the dignity and respect of each young man is affirmed and cherished. The Hanna community celebrates the unique and diverse gifts of each of these young men who come to us both from Catholic traditions and other rich and diverse spiritual backgrounds.

With faith, education and care, the well-being of each of our young men is nurtured and cultivated. Hanna’s resident chaplain, Father Greg McGivern contributes through a ministry of presence, compassion, pastoral care, support and—perhaps most important—listening. “An important part of my outreach is to get to know the boys personally, encourage them to become their very best and acknowledge and affirm their unique gifts and talents. I want to listen and understand their stories, hopes, dreams and find out what speaks to them in terms of meaningful spiritual care and support,” says Father Greg.

Our Pastoral Care Program provides students with a variety of opportunities to learn about and internalize values like care, compassion, kindness, character, community, and spirituality. Faith, education and care, are core components of the Hanna model, and play a crucial role in the treatment and development of our boys. In addition to Masses, religious retreats are a big part of the Pastoral Care Program.

Day retreats are held at special locations such as the Christian Brothers Retreat and Conference Center in Napa, the Carmelite Monastery in San Francisco, and various parks and trails. The retreats support the students by providing quiet, reflective time, in addition to opportunities to learn how to support each other’s growth and efforts.

The program also focuses on community service opportunities including Christmas caroling, visiting seniors in care and rest homes, and disabled clients at the Sonoma Developmental Center, and hosting seasonal parties for homeless children (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas) at the Catholic Charities Family Support Center in Santa Rosa. Hanna students and the children in the shelter play games, color, and enjoy special seasonal treats. Each year, one Hanna student volunteers to be Santa at the Christmas party and it is an exciting time for all.

Students also volunteer in support of the homeless shelter in Sonoma, making sandwiches for their outreach program which provides an opportunity for homeless individuals to get a sandwich, shower, wash their clothing, get mail, use the phone, search for employment on the computer, and obtain counseling services. Kyle, a Hanna student who is participating in the sandwich project shares, “I feel good to know I’m helping make a difference in someone’s life, just like Hanna has made in mine!”