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follow on care program

Follow-On Care is designed to provide on-going support to a boy long after he leaves Hanna Boys Center.

The goal of our Follow-On department is to continue to nurture and sustain the growth made by our young men after they leave our care. When a young man transitions out of Hanna, he leaves with our ongoing support, along with a skill-set and better understanding of how to succeed as a productive member of society.

Before a young man leaves the program, the Follow-On team helps him plan his next steps and reinforces his efforts to:

  • Secure stable housing
  • Achieve physical and emotional wellness
  • Succeed in post-secondary education or acquire and maintain employment
  • Maintain safe and positive relationships

The Follow-On department also provides counseling on obtaining employment, general life and family skills, plus a range of services to assist our alumni. We then keep track of these young men, support them, check in with them and continue to counsel and work with them spiritually and emotionally to make sure they have the means and resources to stay focused and on track to be successful in “the real world.”

It’s our mission to offer life-long support, encouragement and resources for Hanna Alumni.


The relationship between Hanna Boys Center and the surrounding community finds it most powerful expression in the volunteer program.


The Hanna Helpers volunteer program teaches boys to give back to the community they’ve become such an integral part of, and each month they donate many hours to various volunteer causes including the Ceres Community Project, Sonoma Raceway and the Wine Country Half-Marathon.

If you need volunteers or interns? Contact us for more information