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Work Here Events Alumni Hotane
Work Here Events Alumni Hotane



We’re very thankful and blessed to have an extremely active and engaged alumni presence at Hanna Boys Center.

Our alumni members routinely volunteer as tour guides, help at our events, and speak at our graduation ceremonies, career day events, and employee training days.

For boys currently attending Hanna, it’s extremely important for our alumni to share their stories and be a beacon of hope, leading the way and setting examples of what it means to be a Hanna boy. 

As Hanna’s real-life ambassadors, alumni represent us at several community events in the Sonoma Valley and beyond throughout the year. To join our Alumni mailing list and learn about our exclusive Alumni events, please send an email to Brooke Davis at: info@hannacenter.com.

To stay in touch and locate other Hanna Alumni, look on Facebook groups like this one.