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As a leading provider of trauma-informed care training in Sonoma County and Northern California, Hanna Institute is dedicated to advancing nonviolent communication, social justice and trauma recovery. We do this by bringing trauma-informed care to the people and places most impacted by trauma and violence. By raising public awareness, transforming agency practices and culture, and teaching strategies for self-care and recovery, we are helping transform our communities.

The 2022 Summit

The Hanna Summit is an immersive, multi-day, fully virtual conference focused on learning and sharing new and proven approaches to trauma-informed care. Educators, community members and advocates, organizational leaders, government agencies, and clinical partners will hear from experts and participate in interactive discussions and exercises focused on healing-centered practices and models of resiliency.

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Hanna Summit 2022

Our Research Work

Our commitment to research underlines the causes of trauma, helping us to recognize its effects, and in many cases providing us a path forward to protect or restore our youth from trauma’s most harmful, long-lasting effects.

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Institute Events

Events, trainings, and guest speakers bring the community together to learn, grow, and heal. From national icons like Dolores Huerta to recognized experts in the fields of trauma-informed care, Hanna Institute draws the community to our campus and to our programs for truly special events.

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